Film Location & Events

Riddel’s is available for hire for film, photoshoots, theatre and events!

Over the last few years, Hearth has worked to make Riddel’s available for meanwhile uses, and numerous organisations have used it for filming, dance, exhibitions, radio and TV recordings, theatre, music of all genres, and launch events, indicating its attractiveness to a broad range of projects.

Hearth is a not-for-profit organisation, and any income generated through hosting events and films helps to fund further repair works to the building.
While there are some restrictions to the building’s use in its present state it continues to attract great interest and enthusiasm from its users.

For more information please get in touch through our contact page.

Large scissor lifts with lighting rigs directed onto a Victorian Brick Façade.
Filming at Riddel’s. 2022.
Orchestra performing to an audience in a Vistorian industrial warehouse with glazed central atrium.
Studio Orchestra performing as part of Culture Night. 2016.
AVA Festival. 2019 Culture Night. Photo credit: AVA Festival/The Hype Factory.
Music Video Shoot. Photo credit: The Magician’s Niece
Whitenoise Gallery as part of Culture Night.
SportsNI Conference. 2017.
Replay Theatre. 2017. Photo credit: Neil Harrison .
Hosting RSUA Architecture Night. 2022. Photo Credit: Presseye.
Product photoshoot. Photo credit: Nukeproof/Laurence Crossman-Emms.
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