Queen’s Parade

Hearth is grateful for the anonymous donation of two late 19th century buildings in Bangor. 1 Mount Royal is an unlisted terrace house dating from about 1893, part of a group of terraces accessed from Princetown Road but overlooking Queen’s Parade and Bangor Bay. It had lain empty for some ten years and required considerable work to make good unfinished and badly executed building alterations.

Repairs were carried out to make the building habitable, although the building was not fully restored, and it was rented out for a period before being sold on.

47 Queen’s Parade is a listed three-storey terrace house built in 1888, when it replaced earlier single-storey cottages on the Kinnegar facing Bangor Bay. Again considerable refurbishment had to be carried out, but Hearth retains this house and rents it out as a family home.

Project By
Hearth Historic Buildings Trust
Year restored
JS Dunlop Ltd