Calder Fountain

Hearth was asked by Belfast Development Office to undertake restoration of two 19th century fountains. Minimal work was done to the Calder Fountain, which was later relocated; it is a small Classical monument to Lt Calder who built horse troughs and established what was to become the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

More intensive restoration was carried out to the Thompson Fountain, a Gothic monument in red sandstone in Ormeau Avenue, erected as a memorial to Dr Thomas Thompson by his daughter Eliza in 1885. This was based on the design of the 14th century Eleanor Crosses, and used a variety of medieval techniques such as flying buttresses, crockets and spires, while a group of small heads at the base of the spire are all in the medieval manner (although one sports a distinctly Victorian monocle and Dundreary whiskers!).

The work involved a considerable quantity of new stone carving including replacement of the eroded heads, and restoration of missing lanterns stone carving by Eamonn McCann and Clare Sampson).

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